IMPORTANT Training for Trail Blazing Women Leaders, Conscious Entrepreneurs, 

Sacred Rebels & Devoted Change Agents

The Art of Manifesting Money has ended. 

Join us for LIVE Wealth Breakthrough Sessions HERE. 

April 4-6


During our 3-Day Free Immersive

Experience we'll delve into:

How to 10X Your Income with Spirit in the Lead

Proven Pathways to Awaken Your Truly Wealthy Self

Break Free of Inner Barriers for Quantum Growth

Unlock Your "Feminine Factor" to Allow In Greater Abundance


Get A Peek into the Brilliant Minds of Top 

Notch Team for Exponential Growth!

Access The Power of Subconscious Repatterning to Finally Release Your Past and Free Your Soul with Naia Leigh

Tap Your Authentic Voice for Client and Money Magnetism

with Megan Walrod

Leverage the Secrets of All High Achievers for Reward and Results

with Stephanie Pavao & Sheryl Kauhaihao

"Kendra has given me a wealth of tools that supported my ability to expand into and grow a 7-figure business in 2 short years.

I look in the mirror and don't even see the same woman I was. I feel so damn comfortable and confident in my own skin!! Pure joy and ease! I freakin’ love my life...all of it!"

~Cyndi Padilla

"I’ve tripled my monthly income and developed new revenue streams that support my creativity, intuition and freedom.  

Kendra's work gets to the core and provides deep healing and empowerment. "

~Sarah Christine

"Through Kendra’s exquisite expertise I’ve created phenomenal results. My business is thriving with multiple 6 figures.

I’ve built my dream team, successfully launched 3 programs, the first $17k, the 2nd $54k and the 3rd $84kI’m more at peace than I’ve ever been living my freedom based lifestyle in the stream."

~Danielle Rama Hoffman

"I celebrated my first 

$10K month.

Kendra blends compassionate sensitivity with a kick-ass attitude. She calls me out, gently and fiercely. 

I’m growing my business in a more balanced way. And the results are phenomenal."

~Megan Walrod

"My life has 

changed 100%.

If you have the inspiration, desire & intention to be a badass conscious business owner, Kendra will coach you in a way that will make you an empowered star."


~Tracy Carter

"I broke through 6-figures... close to $200K in one year!

Kendra is a powerhouse and the processes and practices she teaches WORK."

~Deborah Fryer 


Kendra helps high-achieving soul-centered women & evolutionary leaders create spiritual and financial freedom so they have greater influence & make more  money... all while being true to who they are!
She is passionate about making it easy for those called to serve the awakening on the planet to effectively help more people while doubling or tripling their income.

Kendra E Thornbury, MA, is an international highly acclaimed coach, trusted advisor, spiritual guide, speaker, facilitator, humanitarian and entrepreneur. She's on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and conscious business practice, blazing a new trail & wealth revolution.

Deeply devoted to the reclamation of the Feminine as an integral force of change and evolution, her unconventional business and money approaches lead women to build 6 & 7 figure businesses grounded in purposeful contribution and personal liberation.

The Art of Manifesting Money is over. Join us for LIVE Wealth Breakthrough Sessions HERE. 

April 4-6


Uncovering Your Divine Design 

for Awakened Business 

and Genuine Wealth 

with Connor Sauer

April 11


"I’ve increased my fees and sold my highest coaching program ever.

Kendra helped me regain my true authentic power in a way no other mentors have."

~Isabelle Peyrichoux

"Kendra truly walks the walk

She embodies ease, confidence, wealth and abundance how I want to live my life and run my business."

~Mayan Tran

"I brought in $23,000 from one idea Kendra gave me.

She supported me through all the strategy to run a 6-figure business (without struggling). 

The best part is who I have become while working with this amazingly powerful woman."

~Therese Skelly

"We’ve had great successes, including a 6-figure event--$100K+ in one weekend!

where we got to feel the bliss of doing what we love.

We’re happier than ever, pursuing our passions with even greater boldness, offering services more aligned with our true purpose, and experiencing more freedom.

~Sharon Desjarlais & 

Michele McGrew

“"In under 4 weeks

I received $85k 

and my business went 

over the 6-figure mark.

To say if working with Kendra was the best decisions I have ever made is a … YES YES!"

~Dorris Burch

"My money mindset 

totally transformed

I never felt so confident, at ease and be comfortable in my life. Kendra is a inspiration, a pioneer and a powerful coach that can help you to transform your business to a new high level.”

~Selena Li

"Working with Kendra has been the BIGGEST year of growth and transformation in my life to date.

If you believe your business is an extension of your divine purpose, or if you know that money and manifesting is an energetic vibration that you can tap into in order to serve humanity to your fullest potential then Kendra E Thornbury is the Spiritual Business Coach for YOU!"

~Kristen Watts

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